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  • Snapmaker Makerathon 2020

    Makerathon is a 24-hour event that aims at pushing the boundaries of creativity. The reason why we launch this event is that we always advocate open and free creation, hoping to keep bringing to the world wonderful works. The theme of this year’s Makerathon is Everything Is Useful.
  • Stay positive and keep making

    Back on June 8th, to encourage people to design for the New Normal in fun and inventive ways, Snapmaker teamed up with Wikifactory to run a lifestyle-improving competition called #safetoplay. We not only adapted to the New Normal, but also helped shape it.
  • We Brought Our Stunning Snapmaker 2.0 to 2020 TCT Asia!

    Snapmaker recently hopped on a plane to Shanghai and attended 2020 TCT (short for time-compression technologies) Asia exhibition, one of the largest events for additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies. We brought our most stunning machine Snapmaker 2.0 to the show and it was truly an eye catcher.
  • Our Open Source Project: Snapmaker Luban

    The Snapmaker Luban now even has a dedicated website and is open source on GitHub; it's used and loved by tens of thousands of users around the world, and it's only getting better and better with added features.
  • Snapmaker's Response to COVID-19

    One third of the year has passed, but COVID-19 hasn't slowed down. Here is a quick summary of what we have been doing recently, as our effort to help the 3D printing community and people who are working on the front-lines fighting COVID-19.
  • Snapmaker 2019 Review and Plans for 2020

    2019 was a super busy but meaningful year for the whole Snapmaker team. We opened two new stores in Canada and China, released two upgrades for the Snapmaker Original, launched the Snapmaker 2.0 Kickstarter campaign and broke a few Kickstarter records. It is no exaggeration to say that 2019 was a milestone for our company.
  • Early Bird Backers are Receiving their Snapmaker 2.0!

    In late December, we started shipping the first batch of Snapmaker 2.0 modular 3-in-1 3D printers to our early bird backers. Up to now, all the early bird rewards have been handed over to the logistics company and more than 100 backers have received their Snapmaker 2.0!
  • Snapmaker 2.0 is honored Innovation Award by CES!

    With the innovation of modularity, the Snapmaker 2.0 is honored the CES 2020 Innovation Awards. Among about six thousand products, only three 3D printers are honored this award and Snapmaker 2.0 is one of them.
  • Snapmaker 2.0: Dust Resistant Test

    Have you ever wondered what makes the Snapmaker 2.0 machines dustproof? Do you know how well the linear modules protect your Snapmaker? To answer these questions, we conducted an ultimate test on the machine during the pilot production. Let’s check it out.
  • This is how the packaging design of your Snapmaker products is improved

    “Beautiful packaging, superb manual, an unpacking experience on par with Apple products.” This was the feedback from the Snapmaker original users. We felt very encouraged by that. When designing the packaging for Snapmaker 2.0 products, we have done further research and discussed frequently to see how we can improve our product packaging even further.
  • Snapmaker holiday sale buyer’s guide!

    Picking out the perfect holiday gifts for family members can be a painful task, especially when big discounts are only available in a very short period of time. We know the pain and would like to ease the pain as much as we can. That’s why we start the holiday sale early this year and you have 2 months to make the decision. As many as 11 products are on sale from October 31, 8:00 PM to December 31, 11 PM (PST) and we offer up to 100 USD discount for the Snapmaker Original.
  • Snapmaker 2.0: Enclosures Prototypes and Pilot Production #2

    This September has been crazy as always. We have been testing and iterating the design of enclosures for Snapmaker 2.0 and following up with everything of pilot production #2 (small scale) and whole machine testing.
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