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  • Wow! He Built a Pocket Microscope with a Snapmaker!

    It’s no secret that Snapmaker users are some of the most creative people on earth. That’s why it’s been such a joy for us to turn the spotlight on some of our users who have utilized their machines for a variety of good causes. Today, meet Aaron. He’s a tinkerer, and he’s been tinkering around with the 3D printable microscope for months. His goal is to create a portable microscope so that people can easily take it anywhere to observe the microworld with just one ordinary smartphone.
  • The Snapmaker helped a dreamer complete his miniature Disneyland Railroad!

    It’s wonderful to have dreams. David Sheegog, an architect from Anaheim, CA and friend of our user Isaiah, dreamt of building a miniature Disneyland after the original park inspired him. Nothing has stopped him from making this dream come true ever since he made up his mind. Because Isaiah has a Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer, he was able to contribute to the fulfillment of his friend’s dream!
  • Build the Bridge Between the Next Generation and New Technologies with the Snapmaker

    Doug while learning about his Snapmaker, printed up a batch of trinkets, Batman logos, Wonder Woman logos, painted them and sent them to his friend for handing out to the kids. Kids like gifts and it was also an example of what can be achieved with a 3D printer. Doug’s friend said the trinkets were a huge hit so he has performed this activity a few times now.
  • How Snapmaker Can Help to Start Your Etsy Side Business

    “Some of the things I have made were for fun and personal use, but a lot of things I have made are for my Etsy shop customers. Return on investment was very short. Anything the machine makes now is purely profit.” 
  • You can always print big with the Snapmaker!

    “I want to get the idea across to people that you don’t need a huge printer to be able to do huge prints. With the use of free software and some glue, anyone is able to do big prints!”