Enclosure V1.1

Enclosure V1.1

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You definitely need this updated Enclosure V1.1, it comes with the thickened corner bracket on the frame and automatic induction switch on door, which gives you a better use experience.

Get one enclosure when CNC carving/cutting, laser engraving, or printing with ABS. Particularly, you should think about using the enclosure to protect your kids or animals from the operating machine.

• Aluminum Frame
Made with solid material.
• Light Filtering
Protect from potential harmful laser injuries when laser engraving.
• Laser engraving stops automatically when the door opens
When any of the doors is opened, the laser engraving will stop automatically; while all the doors are closed, the laser engraving will resume. As the switch is connected to the spare port on the controller, it will not influence the operation of the printer.

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