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3D Printed Best Collection Mechanical Toys

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With 3D Printing, there is something for everyone. There is a lot that you can do using this modern technology, whether you are at home or working in industry somewhere. Kids, too are not left behind. 3D Printing provides an innovative way to create unique toys for them. And one of the good things about this is that if you have a 3D printer, you can let your kids be involved in creating their own toys.

Let your kids witness how additive manufacturing works by making their own mechanical toys and other types of toys. You can come up with your own designs of mechanical toys or download and print the top toys that are available from different sites on the Internet hassle-free.

Here is your guide to the best collection of 3D-printed mechanical toys that you can find on the Internet. Kids will undoubtedly like playing with these toys.

  1. Predator Grabber

Predator Grabber is one of the 3D printed mechanical toys that many toy enthusiasts and 3D printing aficionados wish to have and print, respectively. Predator Grabber looks so good that you just can't ignore it. You will especially like the aspect of printing the toy's gears while ensuring that they can transmit motion mechanically.

Predator Grabber is a good choice if you would like your kids to learn about mechanical movements. All you need to do is to ensure that you have robust support in order to maintain your safety while printing this toy.

  1. Optimus Prime

If your children love3D-printed robot toys, you need to create an Optimus Prime for them. 3D-printed robot toys are the ultimate entertainment for kids who love robotic games, especially if they are familiar with some of the popular characters.

Optimus Prime stands out as a robot character because you can transform it from Optimus's classic truck into a fully functioning robot despite the fact that it is printed in just one piece. You can print this toy in PLA without using support.

  1. Bearing Press

Bearing Press is one toy that offers a guarantee of keeping your children busy while they are playing with it. It is one of the many versions of collections of toys referred to as 3D printable fidget spinners. Each 3D-printed fidget toy promises to keep any kid who uses it occupied because of the movable parts that it has.

The Bearing Press 3D printing model makes it possible for users to seamlessly insert 608 bearings into 3D fidget spinners. It is also packed with a printable bolt that can be used in cases where you don't have a bolt-on on which to insert the bearings. To enjoy the experience, go ahead and make a 3D-printed fidget toy.

  1. Whirligig

New toy designs are good, and so are the older designs that have stood the test of time. One of the toys that have been around for years is the whirligig or the toy that spins around. The spinning movements of the whirligig will keep children entertained as they make an attempt to spin it faster.

The icing on the cake is that it is not difficult to design a whirligig. The toy's design is simple, and you don't need support while printing it on your 3D Printer.

  1. Nesting Puzzle

Children can become more attentive if you give them a puzzle to solve. How about giving them the Nesting Puzzle as a 3D printed mechanical toy? Nesting puzzles are not only a fun way of playing but also intricate that they will keep your kids occupied for many hours.

Another way in which you can use Nesting Puzzles is to utilize the pieces as a storage place for treats and goodies for your kids so that the kids will be more motivated to find a solution to the puzzle. You can also upgrade the level of difficulty of the puzzle by printing different models with different paths.

The Nesting Puzzle model is easy to print using standard materials such as PLA. The printing materials do not require support.

  • Trammel of Archimedies

One of the unique features of Trammel of Archimedes is that it is a 3D printed mechanical toy with a very intricate maze-like design. This design is liked by kids because of the excitement that it causes. Therefore, the Trammel of Archimedes is a 3D-printed toy that kids will definitely be fond of interacting with as they grow.

  • Math Spinner

Great 3D printed mechanical play items are those that keep the user engaged all the time. And if you are making these toys for your children, it means that you want to help them learn, play and stay engaged as you go about your other businesses.

One of the ideal 3D printed mechanical toys that you can make for your kids is the Math Spinner. This toy will enrich your children's learning by teaching them how to add, subtract, divide and multiply with ease for each of the numerals from 0 to 9.

When printing the Math Spinner, you may need to have an existing pipe whose outer diameter is 32 mm on which the spinners will be threaded. But things can still work out fine if you are not able to get one of those existing pipes.

  • Vehicles

Vehicles are known for their ability to keep children of different ages engaged. Kids enjoy seeing anything that can move on wheels, and this is what toy vehicles do. Vehicles excite kids by moving using circular-shaped wheels, and kids can control how they move.

It is also exciting to note that you can make vehicles of different shapes, models, and colors to make them more attractive to the kids.

  • Toy Soldiers

Playing with army soldiers is unmistakably interesting. Your child will learn to grow up as a brave person. You can make the soldiers look more attractive by using army colors such as green and other types of colors that have a camouflage effect. If you would like to create a large battalion, you have all the freedom to print more soldiers.