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All About Large Format 3D Printing

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Large-format 3D Printing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors of 3D Printing. At the onset of 3D printing, large format 3D printing was not common as it was difficult to access large 3D printers. However, there has been tremendous growth in 3D Printing, making large-format 3D printers more affordable and accessible. Today, large-format 3D Printing means building volumes beyond 150-200mm cube dimensions.

A 3D printer has been on an upward trend due to its ability to create full-scale prototypes and models for various sectors such as manufacturing and automotive.

Besides, large-format 3D printers are constantly expanding; hence businesses and organizations have a lot of varieties to choose from. Read through to learn the tips for making a large-format 3D printer.

Explanation of Large Format 3D Printer

Large-format 3D Printing involves building volumes more than 15-20cm cubed in dimensions. Models that are 30 cm in one dimension and 15-30 cm in the other two dimensions are now produced by the majority of large 3D printers. Other 3D large format printers can go beyond the normal size and print 50-100 cm models. These printers are commonly used in industries and other big organizations. Such printers are expensive and are mostly used for complex projects where there are stringent measures.

  • Select the Most Effective

Before you start any manufacturing, double-check that you have all the necessary tools. In this instance, a large 3D printer is required. If you check out the large-format 3D printers around, you will find lots of options. Some considerations should be examined while picking which printer to use. Some of these factors include:

  • Application

The most important, though basic, question you must ask yourself is what you want to do with the 3D print. Understanding the answer to this question can aid you in identifying opportunities and areas where a large-format 3D printer could be beneficial. For instance, if you aim to create prototype models for marketing, you should go for the basic large format printers. You should select the model sizes you want for your products.

  • Software and Hardware

Each manufacturer has unique software and hardware that will set it apart from other manufacturers. Most large 3D printers are sold with preinstalled software. However, some companies can allow you to choose the slicing software you want. If you want to start printing quickly, you should look for printers already preloaded with slicing software.

You must also think about the printer's hardware. For example, some printers support auto bed leveling while others do not. An auto-leveling 3D printer has a sensor or switch near the tip of the extruder. While printing, the nozzle will be automatically adjusted to ensure all parts are properly leveled.

  • Budget

The budget is also a critical factor that must be considered when choosing a large format 3D printer. Investing in a giant 3D printer requires a lot of capital as most printers are expensive. You should also try as much as possible to purchase in-store that sell quality printers at a low cost. Snapmaker is one of the online shops that sell quality printers at a lower price. You will also be guaranteed a one-year warranty on the 3D printers you buy from the store.

  • Modeling

Once you have identified the large 3D printer you are going to use, the second step is modeling. You must first obtain a digital model of the item before you can begin printing. Through modeling, you will be able to create a digital model in a 3D format. Models are developed with 3D software such as CAD software, making the process much easier. Besides, you can also download models that other users had earlier created. One of the places you can use download models is STL files which are widely used for rapid prototyping.

  • Slicing

Once you are done modeling your large format object, the next step is slicing. There is specific slicing software such as Snapmaker Luban that is used to slice a model. The main reason for slicing is to allow the 3D printer to calculate the route and the amount of material for Printing. The process of slicing is similar to when someone wants to a house. They will need to calculate the steps to build and the amount of wood needed. During slicing, a long list of instructions will be generated. The printer will read and execute the provided list of instructions. 

  • Printing

This is the final step in making a large-format 3D printer. Immediately you are done with slicing, and you will upload the generated list of instructions to the printer. You also need to calibrate the printer on the required measurements to prepare the printer for Printing. You also need to calibrate the extruders and printing base to improve the accuracy of Printing. The printer you use determines the type of printing you can accomplish. For instance, a three-axis 3D printer will print in three dimensions while the five-axis 3D printer will print in five dimensions.


Large-format 3D Printing is rapidly gaining influence in the industrial and manufacturing sectors of the economy. Creating a large format 3D print is almost the same as creating other small formats. The only difference is the type and size of the printer you are using. This means getting a good large 3D printer is critical. If you are looking for a good 3D printer, you should visit Snapmaker's online shop and check out some of the printers they have.