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Best 3D Printer for Action Figures

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You can call them dolls, figurines, or action figures. These are fun toys that can not only be played with but also collected. In most cases, action figures are themed around popular games, movies, or TV franchises. These miniature versions of characters give kids and adults an opportunity to imagine and live in their preferred worlds. And that's not all; collectors of action figures will enjoy having a complete list of their favorite characters.

With a 3D printer, you can download and print action figures. You can also create your own custom action figure models. The good news is that nowadays, there are many types of 3D printers at different prices. These printers have different features in terms of the technologies that they use, their speeds, as well precision.

While your budget and, ultimately, the price of a given printer can be a good starting point if you are interested in buying a 3D printer for action figures, you may also need to consider the key features of different printers before you make a final purchase decision. Here are some points that you need to consider while choosing the best 3D Printer for action figures.

  1. Type of Technology

There are two types of technologies that are commonly used in 3D printing devices. The first technology is referred to as extrusion 3D printing. This technology involves the use of plastic spools or a metal filament which is extruded via a heated nozzle layer by layer to generate a 3D output. 3D printers can also use UV 3D printing technology, which involves the use of liquid resins and light to create solid prints.

When looking at the type of technology that a 3D printer is based on, it is important to note that devices that use extrusion technology are cheaper, and the materials that they use are also less costly. You can also use more materials with extrusion technology 3D printing devices, but the printers are slower, and your end product will need some finishing.

3D printers that use UV 3D printing technology are faster and provide outputs of a better definition. You also lose less printing material while using UV 3D printers, but the resin that these devices use is a bit more expensive. Also, you don't have so many choices when it comes to the types of materials that you can use with UV 3D printers.

  1. Build Area

A 3D printer's build area can be defined as the maximum volume or dimension of an object that the device can build. The build area is usually measured in terms of length, width, and height (XYZ).

A printer can have a small build area, but you can divide many 3D print jobs into smaller sections that can be combined afterward, which means that build area is not necessarily a limiting factor with respect to the functionality of 3D printers.

If you have searched for a 'buy 3D printer' while trying to find a good device for printing action figures, you need to be aware that a build area of 13 by 13 by 13 cm (5 by five by 5 inches) is adequate for most printed components. Although there are many good printers that can create larger prints, there are also those that can print images of much smaller volumes.

  1. Resolution

In 3D Printing, a resolution is based on the smallest movement that the nozzle can make as it deposits material. 3B printer nozzles are designed to move across the print bed and deposit materials, thereby creating the required objects.

Some printers have the capacity to make smaller and more accurate movements than others. 3D printers which can make smaller movements are able to deposit more materials at the required position, and this leads to prints that have more detail compared to printers with nozzles that only make large movements.

If you have typed 'buy 3D printer' while looking for a good 3D action figure printer online, you also need to be aware that 3D printers do not have one type of Resolution but two. You should look at the XY resolution as well as the Z resolution.

The XY resolution is related to the horizontal movements of the Printer, while the Z resolution is about the device's vertical movements. Both types of resolutions should be good enough to match or exceed your action figure printing expectations.

A printer's Resolution is a crucial aspect because it determines how your printed objects will look like. If your 3D Printer is a low-resolution device, the objects that it produces will have less detail. The objects that you print are likely to look blocky and grainy.

In contrast, a 3D printer with a high resolution will produce objects with greater detail and of superior quality. That is to say that when looking for the best 3D Printer for action figures, you should select one that has a high resolution.

  1. Printer Speed

3D printer speed is an important consideration because it determines how fast you will be able to create your 3D objects and complete your printing job. But faster speed should go hand-in-hand with a higher resolution because as much as speed is important, the Printer should be able to produce prints of high quality.

  1. Size

You also need to consider size before buying a 3D printer. You need to know the size of action figures and other objects that you would like to print and whether they are well-matched with the print bed. The Printer's print bed dimensions can also allow you to choose a device that you can use to print several types of objects. It is also important to note that choosing a large printer will mean more costs.

  1. Types of Materials That You Would like to Use with the Printer

Obviously, there are many types of materials that you can use to create action figures and other objects. Along this line, it is important to consider the type of printing material before you make a 3D printer purchase decision. The best 3D Printer for action figures is one that you can use with different types of materials.