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Guide on What 3D Printer I Should Buy

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3D printers are slowly but surely becoming an essential device in our lives. You can do a lot with a 3D printer, from printing out a figurine to making objects such as smartphone cases. However, before you do all these things, you first need to pick the right device. Picking the right 3D printer can be challenging and overwhelming. Hence you should, therefore, be careful when choosing a 3D printer to make sure you get the best.

Are you one of those people who have decided to join in the fun of 3D Printing, but you are yet to get a printer, and you are still asking yourself the question, what 3d printer should I buy? This article is for you. The article will provide you with a pretty give some lessons on what is the best 3d printer and how you can easily select a good printer from a group of printers.

Categories of 3D Printing Technology

There are three types of 3D printing technology, and the first one is Stereo lithography (SLA). This original printing technology involves liquid material being transformed into a solid object. The second type is Selective laser sintering (SLS) which is similar to SLA, and the only difference is that it uses powder instead of liquid. Lastly, we have FDM technology. Knowing these categories will help you narrow down the type of 3D printer you want to use.

Tips on How to Choose a Printer

  • Identify the Best 3D Printer Sellers.

Identifying those who sell 3D printers is a crucial process. This is because you will know the places near you where you can get quality 3D printers. Once you have identified places where printers are sold, you will be able to narrow down your search. If you are looking for a 3D printer, look no further than Snapmaker shop for quality 3D printers.

  • List Down the Things You Want to Print

There is a huge difference between printing gadgets for your desk and the production of objects on an industrial scale. You should have a plan on how often you will be Printing, what you will be printing, and some of the activities you plan to do with the printed objects. These questions will help in identifying the printer that fits your needs.

  • Look for Features

Before you buy a printer, ensure you check the features. For instance, look at the safety feature such as how the machine moves the nozzle when there is a pause in production. You should also check the high-quality features such as touch screen user interfaces.

  • Find a Brand with Good Support

Make sure you buy a printer whose manufacturer has a good customer care system. For a beginner, you will likely encounter problems. If you buy from a company with a good support system, you will have less difficulty during these times. Also, choose a product that has a warranty for a year and above. For example, most products at Snapmaker always have a one-year warranty.


Getting a 3D printer has become easy as most of them are affordable. Before you buy one, know the technology you want to use and what you want to print. Ensure you also look at the features of the machine before buying. Once you do these, with little effort, you will be able to find a good printer.