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Using a 3D Printer to Create Useful Items

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Technology has revolutionized and changed a lot of things in our society. For instance, Printing has just gone to a new level with the innovation of 3D printing technology. Today, we use 3D printers to create marketing models and build prototypes in manufacturing. However, a 3D printer is not your regular printer that can only print photos and documents. So what makes a 3D printer that makes it unique?

A 3D printer is a printing machine that can produce three-dimensional objects for materials such as plastics and powder. Since its innovation in the 1980s, 3D printing technology has been on an upward trend as the list of its application continues to grow. This is because 3D printers have become so common and can be found easily without too much hassle. In addition, they have also become more affordable. You can also order 3D printers and their supplies online on Snapmaker. Even though 3D printers are standard in retail stores and design studios, they are increasingly found on workbenches, community centers, and schools.

You're undoubtedly curious about the capabilities of a 3D printer in the office. Printing tools for unique projects is one of the things you can do with a 3D printer. This article will mention a few objects you can make using 3D printing technology.

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is the process in which a digital file is converted into a solid project through an additive process. 3D Printing is characterized as an additive process since it creates an object from the ground up. 3D printers can turn digital files containing three-dimensional data into physical objects using plastics or powder. One key use of a 3D printer is to produce complex shapes using very little material.

The application of 3DPrinting in various sectors of our society continues to grow each day. Since its innovation, the technology has penetrated more in the industrial, manufacturing, and consumer sectors. Some of the key stakeholders of this technology have agreed that what we are witnessing today is just the beginning of a major change in manufacturing and design. Therefore, it is expected that the use and application of 3D printing technology will continue to rise further.

  • Items a 3D Printer can Create?

Now that you know a bit about 3D printing, there is a likely hood you are asking yourself, what can I make with a 3D printer? You can use 3D printers to make various products depending on the industry or sector you are working. Some of these items include;

  • Cardholder and Phone Cases

If you are skeptical about 3D printing and still wondering what 3D printers are used for? This should be sufficient to persuade you. Today almost everyone owns a smartphone. Using a 3D printer, you can make smartphone cases. This will save you cost as you don't have to replace phone cases now and then. 3D printing can also be used in making cardholders.

  • 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar

For music lovers, 3D printing can also be useful for you as you can use it to make an acoustic guitar. If you are wondering what material 3D printer uses when making a guitar, here is an answer for you. One of the materials you can use to make a printed 3D guitar include plastic. Apart from creating musical instruments that are working, you can also make 3D replicas of the instruments used by your favorite musicians.

  • Hand-Made Camera Lens

A hand-made camera lens is another useful product that can be made using a 3D printer. A camera lens is complex and difficult to create, but with a 3D printer, this work becomes much easier. Using a 3D printer, you can make your lens and, in the process, stumble upon some unique results. An example of a 3D printer that can be used to make a hand-made camera lens is the Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3D Printer F350/F250, which can be ordered online at shop Snapmaker.

  • Survival Whistle

Another cool thing that can be made using a 3D printer is a survival whistle. This is a simple project which does not require a lot of expertise. Besides, making a whistle takes a short time and can be completed in an hour. The whistle produced can make a 118d sound which is appropriate for camping and sporting events

  • 3D Printed Miniature Furniture

If you are a parent and are still asking yourself what 3D printing is used for, you probably have not heard about miniature furniture. The doll you buy or the mini figurines you make with your child will likely need furniture. Yes, you can use 3D printing to decorate your home. You can construct an entire set of small pieces of furniture using 3D printing. 3D printing has also taken home decor planning to a new level. Apart from being used by kids, miniature furniture can be used as prototypes for future hose decors.


Over the last few years, the world has witnessed an explosion in the applications and uses of 3D printers. By bringing production closer to consumers, 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the industry. The article has provided some basic examples. One for sure is that 3D printing is only beginning, and it is here to stay. For those who like to acquire a 3D printer, visit the Snapmaker online shop, where you find a variety of 3D printers. Check us out today for great offers.