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3D Print Bike Water Bottle Holder

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Do you love going for long bike rides? It may be that your ride your bike to and from work or that you love to hit the trail with your mountain bike whenever you get the chance. Whatever the case may be, you probably find yourself thirsty while out and about on your bike. Cycling is an exhausting activity and can make you quite thirsty. While you may not carry much with you on your ride, it's always good to have a bottle of water handy.

Water bottle holders are important and versatile features on a bike. They not only enable you to bring a bottle of water with you when cycling but can also act as snack holders. With the right type of bottle holder, you can easily fit a banana and ensure that you can replenish nutrients when on the road.

However, it may be difficult to find a water bottle holder that meets your exact requirements. If you have a 3D printer or intend to buy one, 3D printing a water bottle holder for your bike may be one project you would like to consider. In this article, we discuss steps to take in 3D Printing a water bottle holder for your bike and some tips to achieve the best results.

Steps in 3D Printing a Water Bottle Holder for Your Bike

Step one: Design

There are various factors to consider when designing a bike water bottle holder. One of them is the size of your bottle. It is important to remember that while you may love your current water bottle, there is a good chance that you won't have the same water bottle years or even a few months from now. It is, therefore, a good idea to use measurements for your bottle holder that will accommodate the standard water bottle.

You will also need to consider the space available for the bike holder on your bike. Most bikes come with mounting holes to accommodate a bottle holder. Measure the distance between the two mounting holes.

Another factor to consider is the design of the bottle holder. Your design should be practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Go for a style that you like. It's best to keep your design as light and as simple as possible. This will make it easy to print.

If you prefer not to spend too much time designing your water bottle holder, you may want to consider searching online for designs. You can purchase designs or find free designs online. Simply ensure that the design is one that meets your needs and that will fit your bike.

Step two: Get your tools and materials.

The next step in printing a water bottle holder is to get all your tools and materials ready. You should, of course, have a 3D printer. If you're planning to buy 3D printer, there are various factors you will need to consider, including the types of materials you will be using to print, the size of the items you will be printing, your budget, and any special features you would like your printer to have.

This tutorial offers the steps used for FDM printing. This Printing involves the use of thermoplastic filaments. These filaments are melted within the 3D printer and deposited to form the 3D print. There are various different types of filaments available. Polylactic acid (PLA) is one of the easiest thermoplastic filaments to work with. If you're still getting started with 3D Printing, this material would be the best filament to go with. However, you can also go with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Like PLA, this material is affordable. It offers greater flexibility than PLA. However, it is much harder to work with for beginners.

You should also have 2 M5 bolts to fasten the bottle holder onto the bike and the small pliers to help in the removal of support material. You should also have an Allen key handy.

Step three: Printing

This step will largely depend on the type of 3D printer you own and the software that you're using for 3D Printing. In general, you will need to upload and slice your model. You will also need to specify the settings for the print. For example, you may want to go with a moderate infill of 40 percent if you want to ensure a light print. However, if you tend to ride your bike on rough terrain or if the thickness of the bottle holder frame is thin, you may want to go for a higher infill. This will make your bottle holder sturdier.

Don't forget to add support material when slicing your model.

Step four: Finishing

This is the step where you get to reveal the print. It involves removing the supporting material. You may need a flush cutter and needle nose pliers to cut away at the support material. You may also want to cut away at any excess and work to get rid of any errors or imperfections. Depending on the finish you want, you may want to paint your bottle holder. Your water bottle holder will be ready for installation using the 2 M5 bolts.

Other Bicycle Accessories You Should Consider 3D Printing

If you're successful with printing a water bottle cage for your bike, you shouldn't stop there. There are various bicycle accessories that you should consider 3D Printing to improve your cycling experience. Some projects you may want to consider include:

  • A mudguard for your seat to protect your behind while traversing those muddy trails
  • A chain opener to make chain repair a lot easier
  • A mobile phone holder to ensure you can keep your phone in a great position to track your miles while cycling
  • Cleats to improve our pedaling efficiency as well as your form while pedaling

3D Printing has made a production of almost anything you can dream of possible from the comfort of your home. If you love to hit the road with your bike and want to ensure that you have a bottle of water handy when you're thirsty, use the tips above to 3D print a water bottle holder for your bike.