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3D Printed Studenglass Use

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Gravity bongs have become household items. These bongs make use of air pressure to force out a stream of smoke. This is what you inhale. Many smoking enthusiasts make use of household items such as buckets and bottles to make gravity bongs. However, this can be cumbersome and actually detract from your smoking experience. On the other hand, the Studenglass will take your smoking experience to a whole new level.

The Studenglass is a refinement of the principles behind the gravity bong. This hookah was invented by an engineer that worked at Apple. Its sleek and easy-to-use design is enough to give any smoking enthusiast something to look forward to with every smoking session. However, there is much more to the Studenglass Hookah than just a great look. In this article, we discuss why the Studenglass is a great idea for 3D printed gifts and why it should be your next 3D printing project.

How the Studenglass Works

Before getting into how to 3D print the Studenglassit is important to understand how it works. This will enable you to determine the best approach to printing this hookah and ensure you achieve a functional print.

As its name suggests, Studenglass (german for hourglass) functions like an hourglass. In order to use the hookah, you should start by filling one of its chambers with water. The chambers are then attached to the base. You then load your concentrate or flower into the bowl and apply heat. Flip the device to allow the water to flow through the funnel to the bottom chamber. This creates a vacuum that sucks air through the bowl and out of the Studenglass mouthpiece.

Many people love Studenglass for its elegant and sleek design. The flipping of the chambers to get the hookah working and watching the water flow through the funnel adds an element of fascination to the smoking experience. It's fun to wait for the water to flow and cause the vapors to be drawn out to the mouthpiece.

The hookah comes with interchangeable mouthpieces that are great for different experiences and situations. For example, if you're smoking with friends, the contactless mouthpiece would be best for a germ-free and worry-free smoking session.

The hookah's design also gives smokers greater control over the amount of smoke consumed with every single hit. The volume of smoke that is exhausted at the mouthpiece will depend on how far you flip the device. You can therefore control the strength of the hit as well as how long you can enjoy the concentrate or the material being heated.

The Studenglass design offers two-way water filtration. This is something that many gravity bongs available in the market don't feature. Studenglass hookahs come with two down stems for each globe. These stems can be removed. The stems provide for a smoother smoking experience. Even novice smokers will enjoy their smoking experience with the Studenglass. There are also various other pieces on the Studenglass that can be removed and attached in different ways for an even better experience when smoking flowers, concentrates, or shisha.

Tips for 3D Printing a Studenglass

Why would you 3D print a Studenglass hookah? Well, aside from the joy of having an interesting 3D printing project to tackle, this project offers you the chance to create something unique that you can give as a gift. This is one of the best 3D printed gifts you can make if you have a loved one that enjoys smoking concentrates or flowers. The Studenglass' price tag at several hundreds of dollars can be prohibiting for many that would love the experience. You can help your loved one take the smoking experience to a new level while ensuring their health and safety.

3D printing the Studenglass is quite an exciting project. This is mostly because there are various parts and pieces to print. The parts will be fitted together later to create the final product. This hookah cannot be printed as one piece as there are several moving parts. The following are some tips to help you successfully print a Studenglass hookah.

1. Choose a filament that is easy to work with

This is especially important if you are just getting started with 3D printing. There are several parts that you would need to print and fit together. You should therefore go for a filament that is easy to work with. Many people that have attempted this project go for PLA. It is easy to work with and non-toxic.

If you're concerned about the fact that PLA has a low melting point compared to other thermoplastics, don't be. Using the Studenglass doesn't involve extremely high temperatures. The final product will therefore be perfectly safe.

2. Search for printing plans online

If you're not skilled with design, there's good news for you. You don't have to create your design for the Studenglass from scratch. There are many 3D printing model plans online. Many of the plans can be imported and rendered with popular 3D design software. Simply check to ensure that the file format is compatible with the software you're using.

You may not find plans that are exactly what you want. This isn't a bad thing. You can always tweak the plans to meet your specific needs and requirements. This is one of the best things about 3D printing. You can create a product that is unique and meets your needs precisely.

3. Use a food-safe sealant

You will need to use a sealant for the bowls and other parts of the Studenglass print. It is important that you choose a sealant that is food safe. This will not only prevent leaking but also ensure the safety of your loved ones as they use the hookah.

4. Print multiple parts at one go

There are several pieces to print for a Studenglass. You can save a lot of time by printing several of the smaller pieces together.

Are you seeking a 3D printing project? The Studenglass is the perfect gift for a loved one that is a smoking enthusiast. You can give them a great opportunity to take their smoking experience to a whole new level with this gift.