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Best 3D Printed Desk Lamp

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Are you looking for your next 3D printing project? You should try a 3D printed lamp. Home décor offers many opportunities for 3D printing. There are many items that you can produce with 3D printing without putting a strain on your budget. In fact, 3D printing home décor gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity and add a personal touch to your home's interior. A 3D printed desk lamp would be a great addition to your space, a practical and personal gift to a loved one, or the beginnings of a lucrative business in printing home furnishings. In this blog post, we discuss different lamp 3D print ideas and some tips for great results.

A Great Home Furnishing 3D Project

3D printing has made it possible for people to produce items from scratch in the comfort of their homes. 3D printing allows you to explore the boundaries of creativity and produce items at a low cost. You can produce practically anything with 3D printing, including lamps. There are several reasons why a 3D desk lamp would be a great idea for your next project.

  • Create something unique

Who doesn't like to have unique décor pieces? A uniquely designed lamp would be an attention grabber. It will be a great conversation starter and something you can be proud of. If you've always wanted to add a personal touch to your décor, this is a great opportunity to do so. You can design your lamp from scratch or seek out models that reflect your style.

  • Get high-quality furnishings

3D printing a lamp will mean you have complete control over the production process. You choose the materials and the design. You can therefore ensure that you produce a high-quality lamp. You no longer have to put up with low-quality mass-produced furnishings.

Great 3D Printed Light Ideas

One of the best things about the widespread availability and adoption of 3D printing technology is that the 3D printing community continues to grow. As more people use 3D printing for a wide variety of projects, more information is being made available on how to achieve different projects. We've scoured the internet to find some great ideas for 3D printed lamps that you may want to consider. We've selected projects with different levels of complexity and a wide range of features to suit different preferences.

1. Japanese Shoji Lamp

Who doesn't like the minimalist and elegant style of a Japanese shoji lamp? These lamps are suitable for any decor style. You can also choose to print a small desk lamp version or a larger version for a short floor lamp.

Japanese shoji lamps were traditionally made from paper and wood. This 3D design, available for $5 on Instructables, enables you to use the traditional shoji design and create a lamp using PLA or PETG filament.

While the design may seem simple and straightforward, a lot of care must be taken in the printing and construction of the lamp. The design will fit comfortably on an 8.2 by 8.2-inch printer bed. You should be careful to calibrate your printer properly. This is because there is little tolerance for errors in fitting the panels together. The transparent parts of the lamp can be made from a transparent PETG or PLA filament to provide that soft glow.

2. Mood Lamp

This is yet another great design from Instructables. It is a great project for those just getting started with 3D printing and looking for a quick and simple project. The design can be made using PETG or PLA. However, if you're still new to 3D printing, we advise you to stick to PLA as it is much easier to work with.

You will need to invest in an Arduino Nano microcontroller board. However, the great part is that you don't need any specialized wiring skills. Assembling this lamp is pretty straightforward once you are done with 3D printing the cover, column, and bottom.

It is best to use white transparent PLA for the cover. You can use PETG for the column. However, PLA will also work just as well. Create the illusion of a wooden base by investing in PLA wood filament for the bottom.

3. A wireless lamp

Here's one for those that are more comfortable with electronics and wiring. This project is a great way to test your skills while creating something truly unique. Also available from Instructables, this 3D printed desk lamp is not overly complex. However, you will need some skills in wiring and electronics to build the wireless charger.

You can purchase the electrical components for around 80$. This may sound like a lot, but you will consider it worth it when you see the result of your labor. The square lantern sits on the dock for charging. However, you can remove it and place it practically anywhere. You can use a translucent filament for a soft lighting effect and turn this into a 3D printed night light project.

4. The overhead bridge

This 3D printed desk lamp is a revolutionary idea for lighting your workspace. Available from My Mini Factory, it offers a great way to illuminate your workspace without interfering with others in the space. It ensures you get adequate lighting from different angles without the need to cram your space with various lamps.

The overhead bridge lamp takes on the design of a large arc. You can decide how wide the arc is based on the available workspace. If you need a wider arc, you can print more pieces to add to the lamp. If you need the arc to be taller, you can print more foot segments. This lamp offers a great deal of diversity for creatives.

The 3D printed LED lamp is simple and straightforward to print. You may need to hone your wiring skills to ensure that the lamp works efficiently.


There is a wide range of models for 3D printed lamps available online. Those listed above are a great place to start your 3D printing journey.