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How Much Does a 3D House Printer Cost

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It was not too long ago that 3D printers were confined to use in industrial settings only. In those days, 3D printers cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, this technology has become more readily available. You can now purchase a decent 3D printer for a few hundred dollars. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find that people own 3D printers and are able to manufacture items in the comfort of their homes.

The challenge for many hobbyists today is not finding a 3D printer. It is, rather, finding the right 3D printer for their needs within their price range. In this blog, we discuss how much a 3D printer costs and how to choose the best printer for your needs and budget.

How Much Do 3D Printers Cost

There are a wide variety of 3D printers available in the market today. These printers are available at different price points. You can purchase a printer with only a few hundred dollars or with tens of thousands of dollars. If you're purchasing a 3D printer for your home use, there's a good chance that your budget is limited. You also will not need an expensive industrial printer to meet your home printing needs.

When shopping for a home 3D printer, you will be looking at 3D printers that fall into the following categories:

1. Low cost/budget 3D printers

These are the cheapest 3D printers in the market. They are basic and very small 3D printers. They go for between $100 and $500. They are a great way to satisfy your curiosity about 3D printing. However, don't expect to be able to print anything elaborate with these 3D printers.

These entry-level 3D printers are slow and noisy. They also cannot print anything larger than about four inches. They will also limit you to the use of a single type of filament. They also don't come with many features. It is not uncommon for people that own these machines to upgrade them with add-ons. However, they are still quite limited in functionality. You will soon find that you need to upgrade to a better 3D printer.

2. 3D printers for Hobbyists

These are more expensive than budget 3D printers. They can cost anywhere from $400 to $1500. These printers offer a lot more functionality than budget printers. They are faster and larger. This means that you can print more and larger parts. These printers will provide you with greater quality prints than budget printers. You can achieve high-quality 3D printed action figures with these printers, for example. You will also have more options for the materials to use for your prints.

These printers are ideal for individuals looking to hone their 3D printing skills and achieve high-quality prints. They are also a great starting point for small businesses.

3. Enthusiast and performance 3D printers

If you have more room in your budget and are looking for a high-performance machine, you should go for a printer in this category. These printers cost between $1000 and $3000. They are quieter and faster than machines in the previous category. They are also able to produce prints using a wider selection of materials. These machines are large. You can therefore print larger objects with them.

3D printers in this category are suitable for mass production as well as for those looking to achieve great quality with their prints. These machines come with a wide range of features and increased functionality. You will have greater control over the printing process and can therefore achieve greater quality.

These machines are ideal for enthusiasts as well as small businesses.

Some Questions to Ask Before Buying a 3D Printer

As you can see, there are 3D printers available in all price ranges. The question is, what 3D printer will suit your needs? The following are some questions to ask in order to find the best device for you.

1. How much are you willing to spend on a 3D printer?

Your budget will have a big impact on the 3D printer you purchase. As seen above, there are 3D printers available in all price categories. You must therefore set your budget in order to determine what price category you will be looking within.

It is important to note that the upfront cost isn't the only thing to consider when it comes to the cost of the printer. You should also consider the running cost of the 3D printer. For example, FDM printers are quite popular as they not only have affordable price tags but are also affordable to run. Purchasing filament and maintaining these machines is much cheaper than resin printers. While you can purchase a resin printer at an affordable price tag, they come with higher running costs as resins are quite expensive.

2. What do you intend to print?

It is important to determine what you will be using the 3D printer to print. This will guide your choice of printer. For example, if you are looking to produce 3D printed anime figures, you will want a 3D printer that can provide high visual quality. If you are printing many of these as part of your small business, you will need a printer with a high load capacity. Deciding what you want to print will help you determine the most important features to look for in a printer and therefore narrow down your choices to the printers that can meet your needs and requirements.

You will also need to consider various other factors such as where you will be printing, how much space is available for printing, the type of materials you will be using to print, and other special features you want in your printer.

3D printers are now available in different price ranges. You can buy a high quality printer for several hundred dollars and ensure that it meets your needs and requirements. The price categories outlined above offer a great guide in setting your budget for a home 3D printer.