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How Much Does a 3D Printer Cost?

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Today, many companies and industries are using the process of 3D printing to develop objects and prototypes. The use of 3D printers is not only limited to companies and industries, as some people are now buying 3D printers for in-house Printing. An increase in 3D Printing has been attributed to its wide range of applications, from prototyping to manufacturing aids and the development of high-resolution models.

When you want to invest in or buy a 3D printer, the viability always boils down to whether the printer makes economic sense and how much a 3d printer costs. This article breaks down the average cost of several types of 3D printers. Besides, you can visit Snapmaker's online shop and get a good quality printer at the best price possible.

Type of 3D Printers and Prices

Several factors affect the cost of 3D printers. However, the biggest factor that influences the prices of 3D printers is the type of 3D printing and the materials that will be used in the process. However, you may miss your best one, which could be due to a financial constraint or a lack of availability. To make sure you have an easy time while buying a printer, these are the categories of 3D printers and their prices.

  • Entry Level Category 3D Printers

Beginners mostly use these 3D printers to provide an excellent opportunity to learn about 3D printing technology. The disadvantage of these printers is that they will not allow you to print 3-4 inches in any dimension. Besides, they also have restrictions on the material to use. The average price of an entry-level printer is 200$-400$

  • Hobbyist 3D Printers

Hobbyists are individuals who have some knowledge and experience in 3D Printing. Such individuals have a real passion for 3D Printing and want to be more creative with their models. Hobbyist 3D printers are faster and have more material options than entry-level printers. The printer costs between 300$ and 1500$.

  • Professional Category 3D Printers

These are 3D printers that are used for professional purposes. The printers normally print high-quality 3D models using a wide range of materials with different textures and multiple colors. The machines are also able to print fast while maintaining quality. The price of a professional 3D printer is between 3500$ and 6000$ on average.

  • Industrial Category 3D printers

They are the most expensive as their prices range between 20,000$ and 100,000$. These printers are particularly sturdy because they are constructed of a lot of metal. The printers are very efficient and have user-friendly interfaces for customized Printing. One disadvantage is the high cost of maintenance.


The cost of printers will always vary with the type of printing process and the materials used. The cheapest printer is the entry-level 3D printer, and the most are the industrial 3D printer. Choosing a printer is now easy, and you know how many 3D printers are. If you are looking for premium quality and user-friendly 3D printing machines, look no further than Snapmaker, where you will find different printers ranging in different prices. The company has been empowering users to create the best 3D models.